Cydalion, trademark

Cydalion is an assistive navigation app for people with visual impairments.


Cydalion assists people with a variety of visual impairments to navigate their world. In Greek mythology, Cedalion stood on the shoulders of the temporarily blind hunter, Orion, to guide him. The Cydalion app bears his namesake, relying on the unique capabilities of Tango to provide vital tools to improve people’s quality of life.


The Cydalion application works best when you use it with a lanyard or vest, headphones, and a Tango device. Our recommendations for these items are below. Are you interested in creating compatible products to assist users? Contact us


What People Are Saying

  • A picture of Ahmad, smiling.
    Cydalion is a big step in the direction of making navigation more accessible… It increases motivation for individuals with low vision and blindness to get out there in the world and explore things.


    Age 26, Illinois State University graduate student and Braille Birds president. Visit the Braille Birds site


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Cydalion was created by Float, a company that mobilizes people, processes, and software in high-performing organizations through custom apps, digital strategy, and human-centered design.

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